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History of the Diner

The diner is a purely American form of building. The first diner was the Pioneer Lunch wagon, operated by Walter Scott, of Providence, Rhode Island, in 1872.

By 1884 lunch wagons had developed from walk-up eateries to indoor stool-at-counter service restaurants. During the second decade of the twentieth century, the lunch wagon became less of a mobile restaurant, and the introduction of elaborate materials and decorative features became part of the customized package for purchase. During the 1920s the lunch wagon was more often called a diner because of its similarity to railroad dining cars.

It was during this period that the diner began to take on its classic form: a stationary restaurant that included the luxury of booths (initially an idea to attract more families and female patrons)-" Essentially, by the 1930s, the business of Constructing and operating diners had become a f

During the 50s the diner had become synonymous with the Rock n Roll era and is still closely linked with that part of history.

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Eddie's Diner

Here at Eddie's Diner we pride ourselves in bringing that unique athmosphere to Cardiff Bay, the restaurant has been designed with as much authenticity as possible, from the Wurlitzer jukebox to the extensive menu we hope to transport you back in time to sample life in 50's USA

Our menu has something for everyone, sit on our terrace and watch the world go by whilst listening to a great selection from the jukebox, have your photo taken sitting next to Marilyn Monroe or Elvis.

Whatever your reason for visiting Cardiff Bay, a visit to Eddie's will make it truly memorable.

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